Lidl, the leader of the local retail market by turnover, will open a store within Cosmopolis until the end of this year. The new Lidl store is part of Opus Land plans to triple the commercial surface of the already existing strip mall within the residential project, which will surpass 15,000 leasable square meters. Lidl will thus become one of the few large retailers with a store within a local residential project.

”Cosmopolis will continue to develop and expand in 2022, being already a city in itself, with a multitude of specific and unique social functions on the local residential market. We registered a 12% annual increase in new contracts closed in 2021 and for this year we aim to register an equally positive result”, says Gabriel Voicu, SVN Romania’s vice-president and project manager of Cosmopolis on behalf of the company. SVN Romania is the real estate consultant and exclusive agent of the residential project.

543 homes were sold in Cosmopolis in 2021, being also signed approximately 550 pre-sales, the target for this year being similar. The continuous development of the project will make Cosmopolis to exceed the threshold of 5,000 completed homes and reach a community of approximately 15,000 inhabitants. The total investments undertaken until this moment surpassed EUR 380 million, one of the largest in a real estate project in Romania, regardless of the market segment.

Additional to the strip mall, among the existing facilities existing in Cosmopolis are two kindergartens, two parks, a private beach on the nearby lake, 35 outdoor pools, several children playgrounds, numerous restaurants and cafes, and a fully equipped gym opened in 2019. Also, a new park will be inaugurated in Cosmopolis by the end of this year.

The development of the project is carried out according to a carefully planned long-term vision, being expected to continue until at least 2033, when Cosmopolis is estimated to include over 12,000 homes and a community of approximately 30,000 inhabitants – similar to the populations of cities like Campina, Campulung Muscel or Sighisoara.