The company's offer, valid until 25 September, includes an additional $100 gift in their MetaWealth account for any investor who purchases at least a $100 fractional piece of the Cosmopolis and New Comfort City real estate package. Valued by Colliers International, this package consists of 36 new apartments, with an estimated 5-year ROI of 75.35% and rental income distributed monthly to investors. This real estate package is one of several opportunities currently available on the MetaWealth app and is best suited for those seeking a balance of rental income and appreciation.

"Our $100,000 giveaway is not just a promotional tactic, but a commitment we are making to a more regulated real estate investment market that is accessible to anyone who wants extra financial income," said Michael Topolinski, co-founder and president of MetaWealth. "Real estate has always been a solid foundation through which to make a profit, but for many, it has been inaccessible. We're using fractionalization technology to level the playing field and make the opportunities convenient for everyone."

On August 15th, the app also launched the Pajurei 3 Residence, a luxury apartment pre-construction project with an estimated profit on exit of 43.6% in 2 years.

Present in Romania since the beginning of this year, MetaWealth already has a track record of delivering results. The first real estate asset in Bucharest has already distributed around $43,000 in rental income to investors in just four months.

MetaWealth has also taken significant strategic steps to become the leading tokenization real estate investing platform globally. It recently partnered with Deloitte, one of the largest global tax and audit advisory firms, as its strategic advisor, to guide MetaWealth on legal, expansion, tax, and regulatory matters across EMEA regions. Additionally, the platform is expanding opportunities for 2023 to include assets throughout European markets including Malaga (Spain).

MetaWealth currently enjoys over 7200 users from 18 different countries in the EMEA region.