Located in the northern part of Bucharest, between Herăstrău and Aviației neighbourhoods, One Herăstrău Towers retail project will offer unique designed facilities for future residents, access to a wide range of premium products, assisted sales service in the luxury market, and accessibility through a dedicated mobile application.

Among the specially designed facilities for future residents of One Herăstrău Towers, there is this new concept of a premium market store which will have both a "take-away" and a serving "on-premises" area. The luxury market will have 6 available seating tables in the French bar area, with a menu consisting of sandwiches, salads and fast food, and also a generous terrace where guests can enjoy various culinary delights from the French bar, the sushi & oyster bar, and also fine drinks.

Another differentiating point of the gourmet market that will be available in One Herăstrău Towers is the assisted sales service. This luxury concept proposes a different approach, in which customers will be greeted and assisted by experts in each dedicated area. Therefore, a sommelier will be available in the wine area, a chef expert in the sushi area, so that each customer can enjoy a personalized experience which is not to be found in most usual grocery stores.

One United Properties' concern for sustainability will also be a point of interest in the collaboration with Le Manoir. Products available for sale will be packaged in reusable boxes that will be easy to transport and can be even used as storage items for products in the kitchen. If they deteriorate, the gourmet market will replace them directly in store to prevent waste and promote sustainability. The complete disposal of plastic bags and recycling programs will be part of the new One Herăstrău Towers` market strategy.

“When we develop a project, we are very interested in creating the perfect mix between the area we build in, the architecture, the design, the high standards in terms of construction, and also the facilities we offer to our future residents. Our housing concepts give birth to real communities on the map of Bucharest, which have access to a premium lifestyle and all its related components: shopping, quality products and services. We focus on top developments with mixed function and partnerships that are aligned with our vision in terms of quality and sustainability. This is one of the reasons why we are enthusiastic about our partnership with Le Manoir, with whom we share the same principles. With each action we take, we want to provide residents with access to all the facilities they need in order to save time", said Beatrice Dumitrașcu, CEO Residential Division at One United Properties.

Cristian Preotu adds: “This concept will be a very interesting and efficient mix for our customers, who will be able to either order through the application and pick it up, receive the best advice from our specialists in each department area, or they will simply be able to enjoy our fresh products at indoor tables or on the terrace. Le Manoir will be like a department store with a wide range of products: from tomatoes, meat and fish, to fine wines and other exclusivities. We want to develop a super-premium food chain and we will work with both Romanian and foreign suppliers as there is no such concept at this moment on the Romanian market. In Paris, Moscow, New York, you can already find this kind of luxury market stores where customers can find whatever they want, a kind of "super-premium-market”."

This gourmet market developed in partnership with Le Manoir will offer customers the highest quality products from local wines or dishes to fresh vegetables or fruits and also traditional Romanian products, for which Cristian Preotu, Le Manoir founder, has a special interest. The concept therefore aims to increase the market of Romanian products, sold at a price that will allow producers in the country to become interested in high quality production, not just volumes sold at a low price.

And because every single project developed by One United Properties is built around the idea of community, the residents of One Herăstrău Towers will be able to shop from this gourmet market directly through an exclusive mobile application. The app will have several benefits, such as: direct, real-time communication with department heads, to check existing products, recommendations, and place orders; payment directly through the application with pick-up from the store or with customized delivery at a specific time; special benefits (such as discounts, free delivery, etc.).

One Herăstrău Towers offers a modern living concept that combines the residential element with the commercial one, offering efficient access and panoramic views over Herăstrău Lake and the northern part of Bucharest.