As Europe continues to traverse the new realities caused by the pandemic, real estate markets across the continent are showing signs of continued growth. Specialists anticipate an evolution of the average price for the mid-to-hight sector, with a stock deficit in the case of apartments in urban centers and single-family homes in both areas (rural and urban). According to the analyzed data, starting with March 2020, 30% of Europeans have considered relocation and 40% of them will consider entering the real estate market in 2021, to buy or sell.

Moreover, relocation to rural areas became a major trend across Europe during COVID-19, with half of the regions surveyed in the RE / MAX study suggesting that many buyers want to move this year, looking for larger properties and more space to accommodate home offices.

Market engagement in most of the countries surveyed remains constant, but in some countries sellers have been reluctant to list their properties due to the economic situation caused by the pandemic, as is the case in Romania, in addition to France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Switzerland. (source: RE / MAX Romania)