THE MEADOWS introduces a unique concept: contemporary living in low-rise buildings and houses with lakefront view in a landscaped park. An oasis of rest and a place to unwind inside the city. Located on Fabrica de Caramida Street, Bucharest’s city centre and northern business hubs are easily accessible. Also, Laminorului subway station is only a 10 minutes’ walk away.

THE MEADOWS will add to the current neighbourhood a mix of townhouses, small apartment villas featuring a P + 3 height regime, facilities, and green spaces that include a public promenade along the lakeshore. This promenade links to the plans of the city hall of Sector 1 to connect the lakeshore with the city centre through footpaths and bicycle roads with several resting and panoramic viewpoints.

THE MEADOWS was designed in respect with the current quiet residential neighbourhood by creating a low dense community in a green environment. Public facilities are integrated in the masterplan and will serve and rejuvenate the existing community and area.

Value will also be added thanks to this new ensemble’s high-end architecture and superior quality design. THE MEADOWS will offer a total of 360 units in the perfect setting for the existing community to grow, develop and enjoy an improved standard of living. Houses and apartments with small private gardens that connect to the public park, apartments with big terraces and windows so residents can enjoy the views and the greenery and penthouses for bigger families.

The one, two, three and four room apartments are spread around the landscaped garden with several resting points and playing areas for children. The parking area is foreseen underground so people and children can enjoy a safe walk inside the community.

Refined architecture, soft colours and top-quality finishes underline the project’s dedication to comfort, functionality, and aesthetics while maintaining the highest standards in sustainability and respect for the environment. THE MEADOWS will be built in conformity with the nZEB (Nearly zero-energy buildings) standards for a very high energy performance.

„We are excited to introduce this new concept on the residential market. THE MEADOWS combines recurrent themes in our projects: high standard contemporary living, work-life balance, sustainability, and state-of-the-art architecture. All these attributes are enhanced by a one-of-a-kind location, on the shores of Grivita Lake, a great place for a new community to form and join the existing one”, has declared Jan Demeyere, Architect and Co-Founder at Speedwell.

THE MEADOWS will be developed in four phases. Phase 1 for the first 15 townhouses will be launched for sale in Q3 2022.