The second phase will include 130 apartments, 150 parking lots and 1,000 square meters of commercial spaces, following an investment of EUR 12.5 million. The first phase of The Level Apartments was delivered in 2020, following an investment of EUR 3.5 million.

”The second phase of the project will be delivered with 100% of apartments sold, considering the current result. This is the perfect example of the recipe of success we have been talking about for so many years: a well-designed project, a target correctly identified, a coherent business plan and a strategy and top sales team. All these lead to 100% sales before delivery. In addition, Petrom City is one of the most dynamic real estate areas, with over 500 apartments under construction and plans for further several thousand units”, stated Tiberiu Stanculete, vice-president SVN Romania, the real estate consultant and exclusive agent of The Level.

Since the area where The Level Apartments is located is in full expansion, the developer took into account this aspect and started the development withdrawn from the street profile. Thus, the road can be extended to four lanes, with wide sidewalks and generous green alignment spaces.

Among the premium facilities of the project are the fully ventilated façade, which will lead to high energy efficiency, triple layered parquet, floor heating, building power plant, large, glazed surfaces and premium ceramics, parquet, and sanitary ware.

Redport Capital, the developer of The Level Apartments, purchased recently, alongside Mobexpert, a 44,000 square meters plot of land opposite of Petrom City, the headquarters of OMV Petrom. SVN Romania counselled the buyers.

„Straulesti – Petrom City area will transform into a prestigious residential pole of Bucharest. We have the advantage of being the first who made a bet on the development of this area, through the development of The Level’s first phase and with the current second phase, but also with the plot transactions that assure us a generous pipeline. We have a very attractive business model, based on superior living standards and consistent yields for our investors and we will continue to identify interesting business opportunities”, stated Cosmin Savu-Cristescu, Managing Director and majority stakeholder of Redport Group.

Redport Group was founded in 2016 and represents a group of companies specialized in construction, investment, and management of real estate projects.