In 2020, apartments registered the highest demand, representing about 72% of the total transactions concluded by the agency. Of these, the most attractive for buyers were the new apartments, part of the residential complexes. A constant is given by the preference for 2-room homes, both in the case of new and old apartments.

Self-financing - more affordable for 60% of buyers
Even if the year 2020 was an atypical one, the way of financing real estate transactions was not affected, 60% of the clients of Domina Imobiliare choosing to use their own resources to pay the value of the properties in which they invested. The explanations for this phenomenon may be based on decisions taken before the effects of the pandemic or the absence of a direct impact on buyers during 2020. Moreover, the local market has suffered only small price corrections, which has helped to maintain investment decisions. (Source: Domina Imobiliare)